Unless the context otherwise requires the following terms, wherever used in this Agreement (including the recitals) shall have the following meanings –

  • "Associations" shall mean the Industries Associations of Ankleshwar, Jhagadia and Panoli.
  • "Authority" shall mean any governmental, department, commission, board, Bureau, agency, regulatory authority, court, other judicial or administration body, central, state or local having jurisdiction over the matter in question.
  • "Board" shall mean the Board of Directors of Narmada clean tech .
  • "Member" shall mean the Firm or Company who have paid the Membership fee and become the Member of the Company's effluent treatment disposal system.
  • "Company" shall mean Narmada clean tech ..
  • "Effluent" shall mean liquid waste discharged into the environment as a pollutant.
  • "Final Treatment" shall mean the treatment given by Member Industries at their premises to bring the effluent as per GPCB standard prescribed in their consent letter. For the company final treatment means that the effluent treated to the marine standard prescribed by GPCB.
  • "Marine Standards" shall mean the specific norms prescribed by GPCB for discharge of treated effluent in sea.
  • "Monitoring Committee" shall mean a Committee of Board of Directors of the Company to review the working of Monitoring agency and to keep a control on the violations of the norms by Member Industries.
  • "Operation & Maintenance Charges" shall mean the amount charged by the company for treatment of effluent to the marine standards and conveyance of effluent from FETP site to the deep sea.
  • "FETP" shall mean Final Effluent Treatment Plant for ensuring that the effluent disposed in the sea conforms to marine standard.
  • "Preliminary Treatment" shall mean physio-chemical treatment of effluent to obtain neutral pH
  • "Pollution norms" shall mean prescribed standards by GPCB in the consent letter of Member Industries.
  • "Standard of effluent discharged" shall mean for the Member Industries as per GPCB consent letter and for the Company as per the marine standard prescribed by GPCB.
  • "Underground drainage system" shall mean effluent and sewerage in buried pipeline up to the FETP site from the industrial areas maintained by GIDC.
  • "Water consumption" shall mean water consumption by particular unit based on water bill issued by GIDC including utilization of bore well water and water purchased through Tanker by Member Industry.
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